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Striving towards Sustainable Tourism

Thankful to every snowy peak we see. Cheers to sustainable tourism.

2022 is almost at it's end. We at LaMa Walks had a great year. Thank you everyone for making it possible. Some of you came as our new friends, Some of you were our old (returnees) and those who couldn't make it this year, thank you for keeping us in your mind and looking forward to see you soon. Yes, like every other year, we did it this time too. We are very proud to say that we used

"0" number of single use plastic bottle discouraging everyone who were connected with us. Thank you to all of 2022 clients for being part of LaMa Walks movement/ Policy against Single use plastic bottle. Here is what we do as a part of our environmental and social responsibilities . This might be tricky for people to accept as there might be lots of question regarding safe drinking water. Here is what one of our 2022 client got to say about it

Boiling water is the safest way to go, agrees Bas.

In country like our, Packing back the plastic trash especially doesn't work any more. Reducing is the main key says LaMa, our founder director and Trek leader.

At the end, wishing you all for great new year ahead. Looking forward to be part of your Nepal Adventure. Namaste

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