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LaMa believes in promoting the growth and development of the Nepali outdoor adventure industry, by fostering opportunities for young Nepali outdoor enthusiasts. In that regard, LaMa Walks provides small sponsorships and support to upcoming adventure athletes that show promise in their respective fields, but require mentorship, coaching or finances to excel. 

LaMa Walks has been sponsoring Nepali female climbers since 2015. As sport climbing is growing in Nepal, LaMa Walks has sponsored three free climbing passes at Astrek Climbing wall for any interested Nepali women or girls to use to learn climbing.

LaMa Walks also supports Swastika Chaudhary, a young and dynamic climber, whose dream is to represent Nepal in the 2020 Olympics. Swastika joined the climbing scene through LaMa Walks'  climbing sponsorship and is now excelling. She has competed in many national competitions, represented Nepal in the 2016 Asian Championships held in Iran and was recently selected as a member of the Nepal team for the IFSC World Cup competition in Mumbai, India. Swastika has been an official LaMa Walks athlete since 2015.

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