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In Nepal you can almost always find a lower price. However, as with everything, you get what you pay for. And when it comes to outdoor adventures, when you book your trip with a very low cost provider you may be unknowingly supporting unfair and unsafe working conditions for the staff on your trip, which can translate into unsafe conditions for yourself, in an unknown and unforgiving environment. 

When you book with LaMa Walks you can always be assured that safe and fair conditions, both for staff and clients, is a number one priority. You will never see a LaMa Walks porter carrying excessive loads or walking in flip flops. All staff are properly outfitted and are dedicated to their jobs because the company provides fair pay, as well as opportunities for learning and advancement. 


LaMa Walks considers environmental protection to be of critical importance. If we do not respect the incredible nature and wildlife they will not be there for future generations to enjoy. With LaMa Walks expect to take measures to reduce the environmental footprint of your adventure and practice leave no trace trekking. This includes a ban on single use plastics on all LaMa Walks adventures. Instead, you will be provided with a refillable LaMa Walks Nalgene bottle to use for the duration of your trek. After you return, bottles are sterilized and reused on future adventures.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make your travel more sustainable, including reducing your use of harmful plastic products, check out these helpful articles from World Nomads and Lonely Planet.

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