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Gap year in Nepal

Imagine, a bunch of school students who has never been to this side of the world who possibly thinks that Nepal could be part of india, signs up for an unknown Nepal trip as a part of their Gap year activity and goes back with a memmory for thier life time.

Yes, something similar happned with us this November. We had 37 students with 4 teachers from International school of Kualalumpur visiting us as a part of school curriculam.

With it's vision of knowing yourself, caring for all and creating the better world, International School of Kualalumpur is one of the best international school in Malaysia. Among it's various other activities, ISKL (International School of Kualalumpur in short form) and LaMaWalks collaborated for the first time for it's trip to Nepal as a part of their Gap year activity. The whole idea of program was to show what Nepal is all about. Time definately was a challenge but at the end everything was executed professionally to clients expectation.

During the trip, students spend few days in a village in Chitwan doing some community work which was part of their program. Not to forget to mention the exhilerating rafting on beautiful trisuli river, which was one of the highlight of our trip. Kudos to our rafting crew who were to the point all the time regarding the safety of the participants.

How can chickpea be so delicious? I need the recipe of this said Elissa, one of the teacher in the trip. Students were prepered and served healthy local food by our kitchen team during their village stay. Most of the food came form local community in the village which added a good economic benifit to local people. Five stars to our kitchen team as non of the students were sick.

"This kind of program is a great way for culture exchange" says LaMa, the director and also the group leader of LaMa Walks. Students attended special cultural show with delicious thaali before their final departure.

More photos:

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