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Spring 2022 - Done and Dusted

Spring 2022 came with a lot of positivity and ended well to most of the adventure outfitters in Nepal. Not the best spring we had in tourism sector but at the same time not that bad as well. There were definitely tourist in every adventure field either it be a day hike to multiple days trekking/ Rafting/Mt. biking or climbing 8000+ meters peaks.

LaMa Walks had two trips this season. One in Everest region (February) and another in Kanchenjunga (April - May). Three staffs from different parts of Nepal got the job where as Nima from Rasuwa was offered a free field trip (Paid). In last few years, We weren't able to offer job to most of our staff because of pandemic but being able to run few trips again, we thought why not start a season with some appreciation. Not a bad idea right? Nima has been working with LaMa Walks for more than 5 years now.

At LaMa Walks we never just sit quite. We strongly believe in exploring and experimenting new things. As after all it's about sharing experience and creating moments, Mr. Lama, Our founder Director/ Trip leader, went for a honey hunting trip to explore its potentiality as a future premium product for LaMa Walks. More updates coming soon.......

In between, LaMa also observed one of the craziest Nepali festival that are only celebrated by Gurung ethnic Community during the Buddha Purnima (Full moon) called Ghatu. He said he has never seen anything like that in his entire career.

As of today, Monsoon has officially hit the country. We receive rain in every alternate day but it seems like it has not affected the tourist scene so much. There are people still doing city tours like visiting UNESCO heritage sites, Practicing wellness and spiritual tourism and celebrating small gateways to the hillside of Kathmandu and Pokhara for a weekend.

At the end, Thanking you all for making LaMa Walks as your first choice in Nepal, we are committed to bring lots of beautiful and epic life time experience for you during your stay. If you haven't been part of our adventures hoping you will join one day, Tillkeep dreaming and smiling.


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