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COVID-19: LaMa Walks not everyone's cup of Tea and we are happy about it.

Dear all, Hope this message finds you well.

It's been crazy out there due to Covid-19 pandemic. Who had thought that we would be facing this day today. Everything was fine just a Couple of weeks ago. Going to office, coming back home, going to gym, visiting friends, drinking beer, coffee but now almost everything is dead. Every one is sitting in their house, self qua-renting. Nepal government has suspended all the visa's till April 30th 2020. That means no one can enter the country till then. There were lots of rumors about it on how good or bad it is but I guess it was the right move. As we all are aware how fast this virus is taking down the world and even the countries with world's best health care system are having hard time controlling it,It was best to take measures like that to save the country and its people. Like any other business in the world, This has affected tourism industry a lot in Nepal. All of the LaMa Walks trips for Spring 2020 has been cancelled. LaMa Walks will have no trip at all for the first time in it's history (Estd 2013). This has affected our entire team but at the same time we are very glad and proud to announce that our staff has enough saving for this season as they were paid fare wage for every other season in past days that they have worked for LaMa Walks. This is what makes LaMa Walks expensive then most of the trekking agencies in Nepal and not every one's cup of tea. Just incase you are wondering what's up with our team. - Nima is busy farming in his village up in mountain. - Maila is spending his quality time with his daughter watching WWE. Yup, wrestling lovers. - Ashok is busy rock climbing and exploring.

- Swastika, LW athlete, is getting better and stronger day by day on her climbing skills.

- Rejina just got back from a Basic canyoning course.

- Tensi, with his friend Pasang, is learning about making vlogs and video editing.

- Mahesh, our Logistic Manager, is studying computer science.

- And last but not the least Sushant, Our accountant, Just called him. He is also doing fine. At the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our friends, families and clients who has been part of LaMa Walks journey, directly and indirectly. Thank you for making us stay strong and positive even in this hard days. This was not possible without you guys. Looking forward to see you guys somewhere around. Stay safe everyone. keep on washing your hands. - LaMa (Founder Director)

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